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Garen reverb 1968

electrocution, death cap removal and HT capas control

Peavey Classic 50

smoked amp - AOP + reverb resistors, preamp tubes, control bias

Rivera chubster 40

no gain

repair of the clean Tone stack.

strat ST62 MIJ asyllum pickups

installation of microphones asyllum Pickups Hot62,

selector potentiometers capa NOS

JAM pedal LLama supreme

HS, replacement potentiometer, footswitch and op amp TL072

Voodoo Lab Tremolo

HS, repair of tablecloths, trimpot, clean wiring

Marshall JCM 900

Burnt, replacement HT capacitors, resistors, tubes, Bias, buttons

RG Electronics KOT

Control oscillo voltage doubled OK, doubtful capacitor change.

germanium mini fuzz

analysis, debug, transistor selection and resistance change, Bias.

Dot335 - Asyllum Pickups

Installation of Asyllum Pickups BD microphones on Epiphone DOT335

Marshall 2554

Frying, high voltage recuperation, relay cleaning, bias check

AKAI Tape Magneto

no sound, cleaning stereo playhead selection

amp BlackHeart 15

overhaul, filter check, change tubes, bias, cleaning

Big Muff 1979

HS, 79' potentiometer reconstruction

1 resistor, stack foam, rewiring 

Marshall Studio 15

degraded, change tubes, bias, recap filtering, cleaning

WAH/Volume Morley

restoration, verification of filters, wiring, light and LDR

JMH amp

Significant breath, capa mica treble twisted during editing. replacement

DIY Compressor Technic Guitar

no sound, regulator - transistor inversion, cleaning of the wiring

Marshall AS50R

Master HS - potentiometer and button change

Bass Godin

HS batteries 5 min because ugly DIY,  completely redone

Vox tone lab

Very ugly DIY, HS pellets, change pots and repair.

Fender Hot Rod Dlx

HS, invert phase and power tube change, bias and general check

Fender Blues Junior

reverb failure, tank transformer repair and general check

Shark Amp

Bias check and repair of a mass and LED channel  

Peavey Classic 30

Overheating, breakdown. Change tubes and resistance 5W

Fuzz NKT275

Diaz circuit modification, decoration creation and calibration of the Bias pot

H&K Edition Blue 30R

Shock, cab and broken circuit, twisted chassis. Some power outages

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