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The making

MathisAudioTech products are manufactured here in France, respecting rigorous specifications, as qualitative and artisanal as possible. You will be able to follow here all the stages of the manufacture of an effect pedal until its packaging. 

The tours

Starting from the schematic drawn up during the design, I use software that allows me to draw the circuit. I pay attention to the ergonomics of the PCB for an ideal placement in the case. 

  The placement of components and tracks is essential for an aesthetic but above all qualitative product (this reduces the risk of hum, buzz or unwanted oscillations). I always make a cardboard pattern to check the placement in the box before starting the manufacture of the PCBs.

A choice of high quality components is necessary for optimal sound. Component soldering is done with the right tools and high quality solder on multiple PCBs at once for time saving and manufacturing consistency.


The boxes are made of aluminum coated with a robust layer of paint which serves as a support for the personalized decoration of each model.

The decoration is drawn on photo software in order to give each effect an original look and good ergonomics of use.

This decoration is then printed on the boxes using a UV printer. This technique allows a defined and robust image.

Finally, all that remains is to drill and chamfer the boxes before assembling.

The lid of the boxes is laser engraved indicating the brand and the place of manufacture.


Each box is assembled individually and methodically.

The architecture and design of the circuits is both aesthetic and practical.

The potentiometers, switches and "footswitches" come from famous manufacturers renowned for their quality and longevity.

The buttons are made of aluminum, pleasant to use. The color of the indicator LED is associated with each model and the brightness carefully adjusted for a uniform range of effect.

The pedals are now ready for packaging.

The conditioning

The pedals are usually packaged in a wooden box with the design of the effect we all dream of "MathisAudioTech".

Each box is laser engraved. I also engrave a stamp allowing me to identify each box.

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