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The TTFuzz with a typical FuzzFace - SquareFace design with a very Fat fuzz sound et Clean Up vintage and full of harmonics whatever the volume setting.

This vintage 70's Thomson French silicon transistor version will give you the legendary Fuzz tones with additional settings to adapt it to your game and your hardware.




Volume: This setting allows a wide range of output levels without ever altering the Fuzz sound as well as its clean-up.


Range: 4 levels of low frequency attenuation without ever altering the high harmonics. This makes it possible to adapt the effect for an en groupe game, to avoid feedback and to get out of the mix when the fuzz sound is too bass-heavy.


Boost: 2 positions for a fuzz  either moderate or extreme with even more harmonics.


Fuzz: adjustment of the fuzz level. For the mythical sounds of the 60's like Hendrix or SRV, it is advisable to push this setting as high as possible and to stop just before the breath is too annoying because in this circuit, the transistors are led to a very high gain level! We can moderate this setting to get the sounds of Eric Clapton in Cream.

TT-Fuzz Si

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