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The RangerMaster is a sublime color booster.

Inspired by two legendary models: the Rangemaster (famous Treble booster from the 60s) and the TexasRanger by César Diaz (specially designed for Texas sounds). We will find the legendary character of these two models with an even more present color,  a fantastic clean-up and a wide choice of frequency responses.


This French NOS silicon transistor version will give you  all the mythical color of this effect without necessarily making a monstrous jump in volume.

True bypass totally transparent by the very high quality of the connectors and the footswitch.




Volume: This setting allows for a wide range of output levels up to tickle the much desired harmonics.


Range: 4 levels de basses without altering the high harmonics.


Bright/cut: to attenuate very high frequencies and reduce shine.


Boost/Soft : allows to reduce the gain while keeping the mythical color of this effect.


-> Complete video test in the photo gallery above.

RangerMaster Si

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