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Very open, organic and brilliant overdrive, very close to the natural saturation of a Vibroverb 64.

Developed from frequency response analysis and numerous dynamic tests on this vibroverb 64' cs amp with the famous vintage JBL E130 HP.

The ODTexasTone is very sensitive, versatile, it really respects the sound of the guitar and its nuances.

It supports any other input pedal and goes perfectly with Fuzz and even very violent boosters.

True bypass totally transparent by the very high quality of the connectors and the footswitch.




Gain: slight overdrive at first to which you can add compression afterwards.


Volume: linear frequency response, located at the end of the diagram, respecting a suitable output volume both in the attenuation and in the boost.


Treble: passive, reduces aggressive treble without feeling too much grain. 


Bass: active, thickens the sound properly, it directly influences the gain and provides almost fuzzy sounds if desired. This setting is ideal for adapting the pedal to your guitar (single or humbucking pickups).


TT: Texas Tone is an innovative setting that has a general action on the whole spectrum and slightly alters the settings of the pedal. It allows  to go from a warm and soft sound to a very vintage sound by highlighting the harmonics that we love so much, "glassy" like Stevie Ray Vaughan in 1983-85 .


-> Complete video test in the photo gallery above.

OD Texas Tone - ODTT

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